Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Our Honeymoon!

Paul and I took a 4 day cruise to the Bahamas on Royal Caribbean Cruise lines. We stayed in Orlando FL both the day before we boarded, and the day we disembarked before returning to Michigan.


After staying up until 4am hanging out with family on Saturday, we had to get up at 7 to get to the airport. We took FIRST CLASS thanks to my mom to Tampa.
Having never flown first class before, Paul decided he liked it. Well, he really just liked the free liquor!

We picked up our rental car and upgraded to a convertible and then headed to my mom’s house to regroup. My mom wasn’t there but she gave me her keys so we could pick up a few things and check email and such.

Then we headed off to lunch at my favorite place in Tampa- Tijuana Flats. They have a fantastic hot sauce bar and I have wanted to take Paul for a while.

Then we drove over to Orlando, getting rained on more than once, and checked into our FABULOUS hotel. We picked up pictures and then hit the hay early because we were tired.

Monday- We had to be checked out by 10 and had to run to the bank and pick up a few things before dropping our rental car off at the airport and catching our shuttle to the Port.

This is us on the shuttle

We got to Port Canaveral around 12 and went to our room and dropped off our things. We went exploring around the boat and then went down to the welcome buffet. Just the start of a LOT OF EATING!!!

This is our stateroom

Paul standing in one of the many bars.

After we ate, we explored the ship even more. We went up to the Viking Lounge, which was the best place to be while we were leaving port.

After we left the port, we went to our safety drill and then went up to the top deck so Paul could smoke his cigar. We ended up taking a few silly shots.
We also watched a beautiful sunset.

For some reason, by this time we were starving, and we still had a good hour before we were supposed to go to dinner. So we went to the Windjammer buffet for a snack.
After we went back to the room to change, we went to our seated dinner. Our waiter Fransisco was wonderful, and even noticed that we weren't eating much and instructed us to NOT eat at the Windjammer before dinner the next night.
Then we went up to the Viking Lounge again so Paul could smoke another Cigar and we could get a couple drinks.

Tuesday- Coco Cay, Bahamas
This is an island owned by Royal Caribbean. It was a great place.
We were up bright and early to leave for our jet skiing excursion. We took a charter boat from the ship to the island. We couldn't get our jet ski's right then. So we wandered a little bit.

We then got our jet skis and had a great time. I decided not to ride on the back of Paul's, but to drive my own and I am so glad I did. I eventually go the hang of it and I loved it.
After Jet Skiing, we decided to do a little shopping. But because this is an island owned by the cruise lines, it was pretty simple stuff. I got a few souvenirs. The cruise lines had lunch provided on the island for free so we grabbed something to eat. While we were eating I started feeling really hot. I thought I had a bad sunburn, so we decided to go back to the ship to find some aloe, and rest. We never found any aloe, but after an hour nap, I realized I wasn't sunburned, just very overheated.
We then went to Adult Coloring. The children in us had a great time, and we ended up meeting a great couple that we spent a lot of time with!

That night was formal night at dinner. We were very hungry from the long day, and I enjoyed both of us getting to dress up.
We decided to go swimming after dinner and discovered that the pools on deck were VERY salty, since they brought the water in from the ocean.

Wednesday- Nassau, Bahamas

We got up early again to go do the tour of Nassau that ended at the Pirates of Nassau museum.

This is the view of Nassau as we got off the ship.
Statue of Queen Elizabeth
This was the public hospital. It was absolute chaos.
The Islands water tower.
I don't remember much about the fort we went to, Paul enjoyed it more than I did. But here are a few cool pictures!!

I could see the whole Island from the top of the fort. It was beautiful.

Near the for was the Queen's Staircase. It was named after Queen Elizabeth because of all she did to free the slaves in Nassau. However, it took 2000 slaves 16 years to carve out this staircase so that there would be an easy way to get out of the fort in the case that it was ambushed during the war.... That's a little wrong if you ask me!
Paul opted to go down the stairs, but I didn't want to come back up so I didn't even try!

Some of the greenery growing on the walls of the Queen's Staircase.

A Statue of Christopher Columbus in front of a government building.
Cute Newlyweds :)
Pretty picture of Nassau
A far away view of Atlantis.

We really enjoyed the tour of Nassau. I bought a fantastic Kate Spade purse (Shhh don't tell me it's fake. I'm pretending)
Then we went on to the Pirates of Nassau tour which Paul loved.

Paul in the Gallows :)

I had again started to overheat so we went back to the ship to rest, and decided to have dinner on the island in lieu of on the ship. On the ship, we took a few silly pictures before heading to dinner.

We went back that evening and ate at Senor Frogs, a fantastic Mexican restaurant. They also had a hilarious menu.

After dinner we went to the "Love and Marriage" game. It was great. Paul and I almost got picked as one of the couples, but JUST missed it! We ended up meeting back up with Ryan and Shelley, the couple we met at Adult Coloring and went to the buffet and dancing under the stars.

The next day we finally got to sleep in for the first time on our vacation. We then went for breakfast and decided to go to the pool. We met up with Ryan and Shelley again.

We then decided to go to Trivia, which is always fun! We didn't do so well, but its something that we will do again if we go on another cruise.
We did a lot of other activities on our day at sea. We did adult coloring again, and ate a little more!
Then we met up with Ryan and Shelley again for The QUEST!!
This is something that can't be described, but Ryan and Shelley, having been on this cruise before, told us we COULD NOT MISS!
I am so glad we didn't.
Here are a few pics.

Some of our teammates

Shelley and I doing the can-can!!

All in all. It was a fantastic vacation. I can't wait to go on another cruise!!

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